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Dear vistors,
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Specialist Industrial Supply Center (SISC). This web site was established to give its browsers an array of up-to-date information and products in order to enhance technical know how to develop the local industries and problem solving in various sectors of our specilaity.... more
HVLP Fine Finish Sprayers
Graco 4900 ProComp HVLP Maximize your spraying performance and get superior fine-finish results with the 4900 ProComp. From the excellent spraying control of the gun to the high performance of the trubines to the efficiency of the filtration, the 4900 provides outstanding finish quality for your m...more
Mixers and Agitators
The main advantage of using a Graco air-operated mixer-Agitator There are an infinite number of speeds for operation of the mixer. Control is achieved by simple adjustment of a needle air control valve. Open-top drums The Graco Back-geared Agitator is used for standard, 205 litre open-top...more
Airless Accessories
Airless equipment and H.V.L.P. sprayers have a variety of tips and nozzles to select from depending on what product is to be sprayed. Some paint Tech Data sheets will list the recommended spray equipment including output capacity and tip size for use with that particular coating. For those tha...more