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Dear vistors,
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Specialist Industrial Supply Center (SISC). This web site was established to give its browsers an array of up-to-date information and products in order to enhance technical know how to develop the local industries and problem solving in various sectors of our specilaity.... more
The Elcometer 406L Statistical Mini Glossmeter is a handheld gauge for measuring the gloss of flat surfaces. This gauge is available in two versions; single angle measurement 60º or dual angle 20/60º. Gloss is measured by directing a constant power light beam at an angle to the test sur...more
The Elcometer 214 Infrared Digital Thermometer is a hand held battery operated instrument, which safely and accurately measure surface temperature of non reflective materials using non-contact infrared technology. - Infrared technology allows fast, non contact temperature measurement which avoi...more
Drying film recorder
Designed to determine paint drying time by linear recording, with up to 10 test positions. Ten rods with hemispherical tips, fitted to a carriage, are brought into contact with the fresh film from one end of the test piece and moved lengthwise on the samples. The drying time is calculated from the...more