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Dear vistors,
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Specialist Industrial Supply Center (SISC). This web site was established to give its browsers an array of up-to-date information and products in order to enhance technical know how to develop the local industries and problem solving in various sectors of our specilaity.... more
Air hose
Air is expensive to produce It needs energy to make energy. When it comes to conveying air to the workplace consider quality airlines for Safety, Economy and Long Life. Failures can prove costly in down time. We have a wide range available and outline some on this page. APPLICATIONS:   ...more
Graco Throat Seal Liquid
  Graco TSL™ is clear in color and specially formulated so it will not impact the finish of oil or water-based coatings, even if it is accidentally dripped into the coating material. Fill cup with TSL every time you spray to reduce paint adhesion on the rod. Do not use oil as a substi...more
Graco Heavy-Duty Agitators
For thorough mixing of sheer-sensitive, high solids and fast setting fluids. Wood, Farm & Construction, Automobile Assembly, Automobile Feeder, Metal Fabrication, Paint Manufacturers. Graco lets the customer define this heavy-duty drum agitator. Using its full width blades, this powerful agi...more