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Dear vistors,
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Specialist Industrial Supply Center (SISC). This web site was established to give its browsers an array of up-to-date information and products in order to enhance technical know how to develop the local industries and problem solving in various sectors of our specilaity.... more
Elima-Matic E2 - 2"
  Versa-Matic's E2 2" pump uses the Elima-Matic air valve system to provide non-stalling, lube-free performance. It is available in a clamped or bolted design, with some models offering a side discharge feature that prevents corrosive fluid from leaking onto the pump's center section. ...more
Elima-Matic E3 - 3"
Elima-Matic's non-stalling, lube-free air valve system allows the Versa-Matic E3 3" pump to provide reliable performance. Available in clamped or bolted models, with leak-free design that reduces downtime and ensures continuous operation. The E3 3" Pump: - is available in either pl...more
Submersibles Pumps
Versa-Matic offers a line of reliable submersible pumps that deliver a wide range of options, from size to pressure to flow rate. Our submersible pumps can run on non-electric power, are small enough to fit into tight places, and can deliver high flow or high pressure depending on the dewatering s...more